Footprints of your presence

I find it hard to tell the impact you make,

You allay all of my ache.

If I am stagnated by my thoughts to a pit,

Because of my abiding habits,

You are the one to tow me out of the zone,

And even bring life back to what I am – a stone.

You propel me skyward, when I’m full of apprehensions and fears

And are the most comforting person, to wipe away my tears.

If I was masked as a rock in a tor,

Buried in the depths of winter, without as much as a spore,

In a world that’s oblivious to my basalt cheeks,

Where there is no room for anyone meek,

You’d be the only one to notice even my frozen tears,

Through dimensions of distance and years.

With you, I pour out like a liquid without bounds,

Without restrictions, I try to evanesce my messy mounds.

You’re the only one who can see right through me;

All that is hidden within me,

I just hope you are not repelled by what you see.

When you hold my hand, you hold my soul.

Your mere touch, makes me feel whole.

On days I feel weak and bleak,

Like a windswept, scarecrow on a haystack heap,

You touch me so unfeigned, so deep,

That for you, I want to try to be strong again and not weep.

The way you care about me, I’ve never had that;

I’ve always been the one to have had to paint things matte,

To be the one to give that comforting and encouraging pat,

The way you fill my life, I can lay in front of you, with my soul bare,

I find it in me, to open up fragments of me that I’d otherwise, never dare.

There’s more to being naked than mere carnality,

And that’s the bond I find with you in modality.

Every intimacy with you that I have ever shared,

Makes me feel warm and cherished and cared.

It makes my pain go away,

And makes me want to look forward to a brighter sunny day.

Like the stars that yearn for the dusk to set in,

Like the dawns that long for the morning chirping,

I hanker for one touch from you, one kiss from you, one embrace from you,

That you give to me so unconditionally, that gives me shivers through,

Because, you’re the only one who I think of, in my tranquillity, or in fears;

And you’re the only one who can make my insecurities disappear.


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