Glimpses of the dark

Betwixt dwam and reality,
There lies a world I’d like to flee.
Far from reach, far from sight,

My hand proffers, only for a trick of the light.

The visions of the dark so crisp,
And the shadows of the will-o’-the-wisp,
What do I trust and who do I believe?
Who would I know would never leave?
For, what is apparent;

May very well be errant!

How do I abandon
These dreams that are so random!
Do I deem them as fake?

But how, when I know not what’s real to take?

Lost in a world of darkness,
Wallowing in an abyss of emptiness,
I feel forced into exile

Only tears I can see, for more than awhile!

I try to stick together the broken pieces of my will
But I find it too tiring – the path uphill!
I trod and trod, hoping it will end,

But it’s only my pluck that I seem to spend!

Colourlessness and weakness are all that have me seized;
I wish I could talk of these as things that ceased!
I grapple at any happy moment that I can treasure
But it all scatters like sand, the more I impose pressure!
My indisposed mind needs a mission

Or it will just wither like a plant without nutrition!

Happiness and peace seem to be around the corner,
But you ask where these corners are?
They’re in the corners of a circular room,

That awaits me, for an impending doom!

Perplexed I am, by the pace of everything,
Sometimes breakneck, and sometimes so plodding!
Life falls apart repeatedly, without a hint, without a sound!
I feel like I’m not in charge, and I’m being pushed around!
While at that, I still frantically try,
To pull myself out of this sty!
I try to push the regrets, and the negativity out of my way!

But they all seem like they’re forever here to stay!

My body and soul feel torn apart,
Churned in time housing a darted heart!
With each passing second
I feel the need to defend;
A new day starts, an old day ends!
But the light does not bend,
To bring me warmth, or heal my pain,
My world just continues to be insane!

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