Trying to find my mark,
In the spill of the dark,
I want to be someone,
Someone who I used to be,
Someone, who’s a better me,
Someone who means glee,

Someone who I’d like to see!

Trying to find my purpose,
In this mad circus,
Where I sell and hawk my emotions,
Wishing for serendipity, an amelioration!
Imploring for a change,
I try to fit the pieces of a jigsaw,

The jigsaw of life, so full of awe!

A jigsaw that is perpetual,
Beyond time and rituals,
Millions of pieces
Pre-cut into shapes that exhort us,
To fit them all together,
To recreate and treasure,
The masterpiece, perennially in the making,

The masterpiece of life.

The jigsaw pieces,
Are the emotions and faces,
The experiences and places,
That ceaselessly come to me, with reasons.
Reasons that I cannot always fathom,
Reasons that sometimes seem phantom,
Reasons that I discern in the fullness of time

As I essay regrouping the pieces in line.

They are the faces I’ve forgotten,
And those who have lasted as they walked in.
They are the places I’ve been to,
Ant those that I’d like to go to.
They are emotions that I’ve restrained
And those that I couldn’t contain.
They are time-bound golden moments,
And some when I wasn’t a claimant.
They are experiences that I cherish,

And some that I wish would just perish!

As I frantically rearrange them,
Trying to fit them all, at most times,
And trying to fit in them, at times.
Being so lost, so rapt,
In putting myself together,
That at times I mislay the bigger picture,
I eventually realise,
I’m not the one assembling the jigsaw,
Neither am I a piece of my own puzzle, the way I saw,
I could be a small little piece,
In someone else’s puzzle, on lease.
But on my own, I’m the evolving masterpiece,
At the mercy of my creators, the players –
The emotions, the faces,
The experiences and the places
At the mercy of the world’s timepiece!

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