Restrained by our abiding distance,
I’m forced to hold you in my thoughts,
In my heart, in my memories,
In my dreams, in the melodies,

Everywhere, except in my arms!

I hold on to every word you say,
And every word you’ve ever said,
I hold on to everything, but you!
And wished that I could hear them all again,
With the words chaperoned by your soft breath,

With your arms ushering me to my haven.

Tears and happiness that couldn’t be shared,
Overwhelming concerns, worries and despair,
Insecurities and doubts,
And our numerous bouts,
How all of these would have been better,

If the distance was lesser than this measure!

So many kisses missed;
So many places where your presence, I wished;
So many times I covet your hand holding mine;
And yearn for us to be intertwined,

When our breaths, laughter and passion combine. 


But you’re like the distant clouds,
Sending me only glimpses of your rain;
You’re like the delinquent sun,
Tucked away behind the grey billows;
You’re the air that I breathe,

But your breeze is what I need.

I wish there was a relation,
Between time and this distance,
That I’d know with every passing day,
The distance linearly decays!
If there were craters that I had to leap,
Quarry trenches far and deep,
You name an obstacle,
And I’d be there and would not flee,
But what are these obstacles?
Are there any? Or are there none?

Maybe it’s just nothing we have done.

Does it matter what “we” mean to the world?
When you mean the world to me?
With time, we’ll be closer than close can be,
And the distance would have fled in glee
But maybe this is necessary,

To bring us closer inadvertently!

This distance is nothing but a journey away;
A few countries between us that lay;
Sunrises and sunsets that don’t coexist;
Goodbye hugs and welcome back kisses mixed;
Incapacity to feel and nuzzle;
But to hear and say all about it,
In a way that makes it just as special!

Doesn’t that mean something?

Doesn’t that show us standing strong?
Braving the test of time and distance,
And answering all our questions!

3 thoughts on “Distance

  1. Awww, distance is huge test of love! I’d say anyone who’s in LDR and make it, are truly a strong couple! Keep the love burning and always look at the bright side! By the way, thank you for liking my post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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