A hush, isn’t privation of words to speak,
It isn’t the quality of being meek,
It’s not lack of melodies,
Or the absence of eulogies.
It’s the ability to not be clamorous,
And being meaningful and glamorous.


Listen assiduously, to what’s between words,
There’s more to it than muffled surds.
It has an apology,
A eulogy,
All that forms the norms of sociology.


It’s someone’s I’m sorry,
When they turned a beloved down to marry,
It’s another’s I love you,
When they couldn’t mutter them, no matter how true!


It’s a goodbye that couldn’t be bid,
It’s the forgiveness that always hid,
It’s the secret dying to unfurl,
It’s the truth ready to hurl.


It’s what saves some relationships,
While it’s what has others clip!
It’s an earnest prayer for help,
It’s also a determined, uplifting step.


It’s sometimes the acknowledgement of knowledge,
And at times, it’s nothing but the brain’s raw sludge.
It’s awkwardness,
It’s awfulness,
It’s being awestruck,
And it’s also being stuck.


Sometimes, there’s more to the power of silence,
Than to the power of words intense,
It’s better than harshness to hear,
That could only bring tears,
It’s best to say nothing,
When you can’t say the right thing.

8 thoughts on “Hush

  1. Your words have a deepness of intense… OK, I will just break the silence, I read pain. You are an excellent poet, writer of images with your words. Beautifully intense. I pray a fresh breeze in a new season for you. God bless you abundantly dear one.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I love wind chimes. When I first read your blog name, I immediately thought and envisioned sweet musically notes from one of my several wind chimes. Pensive Chimes, your notes and words are beautiful. I pray you too can see how lovely you, and your craft speaks. Play on, let your words and music blow. Healing is found in the flow. Blessings, denise


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