Shards of me

I’m not just a name, or an obscure figure;
I am like the darkness of the sky,
With skelfs of fires,
Making them bright, at least they try.


I’m the words that string up,
The stories in my favourite books;
Quotes that stir up,
My soul, to every nook.


I’m the lyrics of my favourite songs,
Darned by euphonious melodies.
I’m the leaves of the towering trees, so strong,
Ready to wither, yet full of grace and beauty.


I’m the loose conversations,
And the intense dialogues,
I’m every bit of the relations,
Shared with everything and everyone, uncatalogued.


I’d like you to be one of the valiant souls,
Who can gather my threadbare shreds.
You don’t have to put me together whole,
But just have to love me from the heart and not the head.


I want you to gather my withered petals,
And dry them and have them flattened;
So they could be your bookmark special,
Hidden away in your favourite book, gladdened.


I want you to tell me it’s okay to break,
To make soothing melodies of the mistakes I make,
To make quotes of the broken words that I state,
So it could help a dying comrade stay alive and awake!


I am not where I’m from anymore
I’m not who I used to be.
I am where I’m going to explore,
I’d like you to come with me.


I’m a zillion experiences that make me, me.
And a trillion decisions that I choose to be.
But it hurts when all that is seen,
Is the million things that I fail to be.

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