Dwindling celerity

This is the allegory,
Of my reminiscent gallery!
This is from the time,
When my steps had a musical chime.
When I could scale alps,
Without compasses or maps.
When I knew where I was heading,
And where I wanted to be treading.
I could prance around,
Until the sun frowned,
And the stars lit up unbound,
Until each of the glass blades,
Were garbed in dew drops, in the woody glades.


This was the time of unease,
An unease of my knees;
For, my knees, my legs and my feet,
Didn’t want to just take a seat!
It was my fear of stillness and stagnation,
For I thought not moving forward would bring desolation.
So with time and situations, as my prance got slower,
I worried that my languish would be forever!


This took me back in retrospection to all the things,
That I’d experienced under the spread of my wings,
And I found so many apertures unexplored,
As my spree of restlessness soared.
I’d overlooked the little things that mattered,
As I kept propelling forwards,
Now I realise, that sometimes stillness is good,
Sometimes, stagnation is good,
I should let my knees, my legs, my feet
If they could, sometimes take a seat.
For, it’s not about moving forward,
It’s about the time in hand that’s the real orchard!

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