Before we fade

Are we all not really afraid of fading away?
Like being one of the million waves striking the mighty bay;
Like the trees, living in unacknowledged existence;
Like the birds chirping away in the distance.


Do we all not really worry about making an impact?
So that our name stays intact,
Even if our body withers away with age, disease or calamity,
Do we not really worry about feeding a lasting vanity?


We worry about the silence that would inundate,
The vacuum of our absence, so insensate.
We worry about creating ripples of sound,
That would last even when we are not around.


Maybe it would last beyond a single generation;
Maybe it would expand beyond nations;
Perhaps not beyond the people whose lives we touch;
Or the people for whom we served as an incidental crutch!
Maybe it would be a single echo;
Or perhaps a standing wave that bellows,
But we all wish to make our mark,
That would last even after we fade into the dark.


And so we try, we try to leave our presence,
Everywhere and in everything that has our essence,
Work, social circles, family,
Substantial or not, but intentionally.
We write our names in everything we create,
So that the abstracted world doesn’t forget.


It’s our way of greeting people we never meet;
Chronicling stories for those who seek;
Reaching the lips of those who we never would know;
In the form of narrations of our highs and lows.
Empowering those who need hope;
Leading some to feel they’re better than us, as they cope;
Thus, we relive, even after death,
About how we made them count – some breaths!

4 thoughts on “Before we fade

  1. I ask myself what is it in us that asks for recognition by the society, to engrave our name after us – is it not our mind, our ego that wants to be put on a throne? Perhaps it is just vice versa: The more we get less the more we get more…in this emptyness, vacuum, there is maybe room for the Ocean of God that God can take seat in us when we (that what separates us from God, our “I”, our “personality”) become empty from ourselves? If God is One then two cannot be there at the same time – I or He – and is it not my I that causes duality? The drop that wants to be the Ocean? And when God can work in this empty vessel, then we are no longer the doers, but God and only God.(Like we are the puppets on His string – but usually we do not see the string…) So everything is in His will.

    Thanks you for sharing your wise positive words
    All good wishes

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