Expectations weigh me down,
Like perennial baggage, always around.
Hoodwinking the mind,
To believe the world to be unrealistically kind.


Everything’s a mirage,
Even me – like the pieces of a counterfeit collage.
As I carry them everyday,
Hunching gloomily on forever dreary days,
Trying to exceed expectations,
Entangling in obligations, frustrations and denigrating revelations.

I initiate something expecting reciprocation,
Thus sustaining the circle of deprivation,
The steps I take become heavier and slower,
As I try to break my mental barriers.

The question that remains,
Is whose expectations are in strain?
Are you creating the rosy picture for me?
Or am I the one trying to create a fantasy?
Apparently trying isn’t good enough,
But succeeding is quixotically tough!

As I stand here in regret,
With tears like glass making my face wet,
I tried real hard to meet your expectations, to be my charming best,
But even as I fail, your charming best is what I expectantly request!
For, I realise, I initiate something expecting reciprocation,
And I fail, thus sustaining the circle of deprivation.

11 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Expectations can be evil, I agree but isn’t it true that we work for something based on the idea that we’ll make it. What you portrayed have just awefully struck me. Just love your work!!☺

    Liked by 1 person

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