Can I trust a mirror?
Because I’ve been blessed with a cheer.
So maybe I’m always being lied to?
And when I see apparent beauty, maybe I’m seeing what’s untrue?


While on the outside,
It might exhibit me as dapper, no matter how outright,
But maybe, it can’t show what’s beneath,
All the thoughts, good or bad, that I breathe.


Does it show what I think,
When I drift off to sleep without a blink?
Does it show when I can’t even wink,
Without the heaviness having me sink?
Does it show what the world sees,
When I’m being myself without having to please?
Does it show when my smile’s genuine,
When it isn’t governed by any regimen?
Does it show what I really think,
When I stare at empty space without a blink?


Can it truly reflect who I am?
Is it truly worth all this exam?
Can it tell how much to someone standing beside me,
I mean to, with guarantee?
Can it show beyond my skin?
Without always having me to feel like I’ve sinned?
Can it tell me what I’m actually worth?
So I stop feeling all this dearth?
Maybe there’s another mirror,
That doesn’t cause as much intoxication as liquor,
Where I can look within me,
And find the things that are truly key!
Maybe that mirror is introspection,
That’s more deep than a mere reflection!

5 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Went to give this a read because of my affinity to mirrors, and now I’m thinking about talking about mirrors and reflection with physics references…though I feel more difficulty in terms of putting such a juxtaposition into words, hahaha…

    Anyway, talk about a play with two synonyms! A mirror’s reflection is shallow, while an introspection’s reflection is deep! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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