The eyelids, heavy and droopy,
Finally cave and shut tight!
The breeze from the windows,
Slowly creep in,
Slides over you, so clandestine!


What’s she breathing in your deaf ears?
Does she ignore that you’re fast asleep?
Or is the visit deliberate, to snaffle the secrets that you keep?
For, virtuous ones are easiest to steal,
They let you sleep unmoved, while you heal.


Fuelled by the secrets,
Secrets that were never hers to keep,
She picks up pace,
And so the boughs sway,
Like they concur with her ways.


Maybe she has it easy,
To steal away as she does, while you sleep.
Because if you had dark, troubling secrets,
They’d be stealing your sleep,
And you’d be awake, and she, incapacitated and meek!

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