Concealed by the woods,
The woods in the mountains;
The mountains cradle a pellucid blue pond,
A pond that is brimming with sheer white lilies,
Lilies, that are full of poise and life!


I think of summer nights;
Nights that’re so clear to serenade scintillating stars;
Stars that glint like diamonds in the now blue-black pond;
The pond is kissed softly by the wind;
The wind, that also caresses you and me alike!


There exists a heaviness of the darkness;
The darkness is slightly invaded by the gibbous moon;
The moon that hangs high over the now silvery-blue pond;
The pond glistens with the touch of light;
The light gently dances on your face, makes you look more suave.


Uncanny are the emotions besought by nature;
Nature that holds a delicate balance between every creature;
Creatures that do not apprehend or uphold the laws;
Laws that define you, me and the entirety;
The entirety thus chooses to remain concealed!

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