Hazy clarity

While I wait for repose and happiness,
To ardently pursue me,
I stumble upon darkness,
That instead espies me.


Just when I think,
Hope’s around the corner,
Everything as I know, passes in a blink,
Without as much as a murmur.


Blurs and hazes of memories,
Ambush sensibilities and senselessness alike.
Memories evanesce of the origins of these vagaries,
I know not, when the descent would begin, after the tedious hike.


As the fall seems unending,
While I question my life,
I look up from the apparent rock-bottom, so unnerving,
And lock horns with myself, over all this strife.


Whilst everyone is very busy,
While carelessly yelling out instructional cries to save myself,
You’re the only one to watch, and not just see,
And listen against hear, and not turn your ears deaf.


You let down a rope,
While I didn’t even believe in standing up again,
And even as I plummet down, you give me hope,
That I didn’t get with the mere words of wise men!


No more does the earth rip open,
No more does the air thin out,
The darkness that competes to keep me broken,
Now fumbles for new avenues in me to scout!

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