The Profound

Everything as I know,
Approaches me like a raging typhoon,
The darkness of the night,
Forces me to yield my light.


Rumination leads me to the oceans, so blue,
And I discern there’s more to me, than seems true,
I’m not the sand, or the pebbles,
Or the leaves, or the petals,
That the storm could readily consume away!


There’s more to me than flesh and blood,
My cavernous soul, has depths of the oceans –
Probably more!
I’m uncharted, I’m emancipated;
I’m tempestuous and I’m endless.


Nothing can curb me,
When my determination surges,
And nothing can shape me,
For I slip away like the waters.


Even the vehement winds of the storm,
Cannot disturb my placidity, against my disposition,
And no matter how much it wails,
Like the ocean, I’d never yield.
For, my waves reach out to infinity,
And no one commands my tides, except for me!

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