Could I leave my angst behind,
Along the shoreline?
As my bare feet kiss the gritty sand bed,
With the tides having their arms outstretched,
Is that my name that I hear?

Or maybe it’s the oceans whispering their pain;
Am I meant to do the same in exchange?
While we complain that the world is too dry,
Do we know that the oceans don’t cry?

I delve in to hear out their woes,
But the calm trounces me and instead I pour out.
“Yet another despondent soul to be saved”, whispered the ocean,
And swallowed me whole in a second.

The waves tugged at me,
My lungs felt like they’d give way,
But just when I thought I was slipping away,
Without another word,
She pushed me out to the shore.

I think to myself, here I am back where I was before,
Surmising that I’d feel desolate and sore,
But I realise, that she did save yet another soul;
And gave me something to hold true,
That afterall we’re the reason the ocean is so blue.

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