Boat not stranded

She was a stranded boat,
tethered by the shore.
But her heart roamed free,
With hopes of more.
The whispering waves,
told her many a tale,
from far beyond.
The waves withdrew,
when she’d yearn for more.
Sea glass and sea shells,
sea breeze and sand-
hers, she claimed them all.
Acquiescing the shallows,
buoyant by solitude,
she told herself that
her day would come too.
came a subdued man;
stranded, he too seemed.
Torn, seeing her broken,
he vowed to set her free.
Caressing hands,
upon her, he laid.
He had her mended,
and ready she was,
to set sail.
“All aboard!”
she exclaimed,
at her glee and zeal;
and “along come you”,
she urged him who
had her healed.
For, she gathered that
her exuberant heart
was no longer free.

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