Paper boat

A moment of innocent, childish rapture, And no longer am I a mundane printed publication. As I morph from a newspaper into a paper boat! He gently kneels against the pebbled banks, As he examines the creation in his hands!   Naive folds of pretentious finesse, No purpose, port of call or period; Until he … Continue reading Paper boat



Fears of loneliness, Fears of darkness, Fears of pain, And fears of fears!   The worst of them all, Is the fear of realisation. Realisation that I'm empty! Empty because I've lost myself!   As the nights turn in, Even my sham grins fade, And I think about all that I could have said, All … Continue reading Empty


Her love, so fathomless, I look up at the branches of her kindness spread to heights, Shielding and sheltering unconditionally, Letting only the divine light find me, As I stand below, feeling like a tiny speck!   Her soul, so empowering, She could turn a home, a shrine! Her protecting arms, the walls, Her aching … Continue reading Ma