Boat not stranded

She was a stranded boat, tethered by the shore. But her heart roamed free, With hopes of more. The whispering waves, told her many a tale, from far beyond. The waves withdrew, when she'd yearn for more. Sea glass and sea shells, sea breeze and sand- hers, she claimed them all. Acquiescing the shallows, buoyant … Continue reading Boat not stranded



Could I leave my angst behind, Along the shoreline? As my bare feet kiss the gritty sand bed, With the tides having their arms outstretched, Is that my name that I hear? Or maybe it's the oceans whispering their pain; Am I meant to do the same in exchange? While we complain that the world … Continue reading Swell


Her love, so fathomless, I look up at the branches of her kindness spread to heights, Shielding and sheltering unconditionally, Letting only the divine light find me, As I stand below, feeling like a tiny speck!   Her soul, so empowering, She could turn a home, a shrine! Her protecting arms, the walls, Her aching … Continue reading Ma