Her cones are dysfunctional; Colours fail to be trapped; She fails to even see; The honey in her own eyes.   Her sunrises and sunsets are homogeneous, All seasons to her are analogous to fall, But maybe her world is more united, Where green and red don't stand apart!   Maybe to you, her world … Continue reading Colourblind


Hazy clarity

While I wait for repose and happiness, To ardently pursue me, I stumble upon darkness, That instead espies me.   Just when I think, Hope's around the corner, Everything as I know, passes in a blink, Without as much as a murmur.   Blurs and hazes of memories, Ambush sensibilities and senselessness alike. Memories evanesce of the … Continue reading Hazy clarity

The Deep

Along comes everything from the past, Like they were meant to be inspired, With the saline, sea-spray, Bursting at the touch of the shored rocks.   What's meant to be an unchaperoned saunter, Isn't one anymore. But the footprints are now in absentia, Even though I walk hand in hand with the memories.   The … Continue reading The Deep