Mediocrity is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about making my first blog entry. I know this is going to turn out to be no different from the plethora of blogs that one could come across in the web resources. But this is going to be a blurry reflection of … Continue reading Inaugural

Boat not stranded

She was a stranded boat, tethered by the shore. But her heart roamed free, With hopes of more. The whispering waves, told her many a tale, from far beyond. The waves withdrew, when she'd yearn for more. Sea glass and sea shells, sea breeze and sand- hers, she claimed them all. Acquiescing the shallows, buoyant … Continue reading Boat not stranded


Walking through narrow sidewalks Day after day, it feels the same, Intuiting the same whispers, The side-ward glances, The silent cries of pain, Despite no two people being ever the same. Only for a fleeting moment I ask, Could this monotony be taken to task? Rhetorical as it may seem, Mechanically my feet still continue … Continue reading Walking


Could I leave my angst behind, Along the shoreline? As my bare feet kiss the gritty sand bed, With the tides having their arms outstretched, Is that my name that I hear? Or maybe it's the oceans whispering their pain; Am I meant to do the same in exchange? While we complain that the world … Continue reading Swell