Mediocrity is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about making my first blog entry. I know this is going to turn out to be no different from the plethora of blogs that one could come across in the web resources. But this is going to be a blurry reflection of... Continue Reading →

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I'm lost, Lost with time, Lost in time, Lost against time. Happiness and despondency engulf me, Coexisting concurrently.   I could never tell What I really felt, That's not a lack of want, That's for my fear of taunt. As time like a whirlwind passes, An irreclaimable part of me also lapses.   I've lost... Continue Reading →

Trepidation of Malady

With every waking day, The happiness seems to be further at bay. The promises once held, The memories that once dwelled, Seem to be swept under the rug, And I feel weighed down and the exigency to lug- My life, emotions, respect and love, That now feel the hefty shove! I fear facing myself, facing... Continue Reading →

Paintings of Words

Strokes of fine lines, In a vast canvas of pearly white; How I started off my painting of life, With streaks of grandeur pervading light. Along the way, I lost my colours, I lost my paint, and became duller. With each convolution my mind creates, The splendid patterns, once fair, abates. The canvas, that once... Continue Reading →


Restrained by our abiding distance, I'm forced to hold you in my thoughts, In my heart, in my memories, In my dreams, in the melodies, Everywhere, except in my arms! I hold on to every word you say, And every word you've ever said, I hold on to everything, but you! And wished that I... Continue Reading →


Trying to find my mark, In the spill of the dark, I want to be someone, Someone who I used to be, Someone, who's a better me, Someone who means glee, Someone who I'd like to see! Trying to find my purpose, In this mad circus, Where I sell and hawk my emotions, Wishing for... Continue Reading →


Through mullioned windows, Stained and dirty, Life undulates its shadows, On the walls, so pretty! We all have our walls; I try to sit up on mine, To see the world as it calls, Just like an adamant Humpty, out of line, Who'd not learn from his falls. I look for someone to catch the... Continue Reading →

Adam’s Ale

Genesis of all, cradles in infancy, Edifying and explicating alike, Bemusing the mind with mysteries, Eventually revealing beyond secrecy. One such mystery - the Adam's ale - Filling up nearly three-quarter of the orb, Submitting to the lofty skies, But that's only a big fat lie! Holding another world within, And being all lofty in... Continue Reading →

Veil of Nova

The springy lea under me, The veil of sky above, unyielding with glee, I feel so little, like a speck, But a speck that could make a difference; A speck that could leave a mark of potence! I see a range of stars, Bright and dull, still and stirred, but none at par! You look... Continue Reading →

The Book of Choice

Long have I been a bibliophile, I've read quite a pile. Borrowed some and owned some, But loaning my own has always been a qualm! Some I unjustifiably skim through, Some I unreasonably judge by the cover, Some covers have me allured, But never manage to keep my heart moored. And then, there are those... Continue Reading →

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